Lina Lassiter

Lina is the Claims Technical Manager for Genworth Financial and has been with the Organization for 7 years. Lina previously served as the Team Leader for the Goochland prison Ministry and youth volunteer at Faith Landmarks Ministries. Lina also served on the board of The Giving Heart organization. With the assistance of family and friends, Lina started the giving bag project for the homeless. Lina is pursuing her degree in Psychology with a concentration in substance abuse counseling.

Lina is passionate about assisting those grieving with overcoming their pain. She endured several years of physical, mental, and verbal abuse as a child. Because of this, she suffered from low self-esteem thoughts of suicidal idealizations, and depression. Lina kept the abusive cycle active by entering into an unhealthy relationship, building walls, and becoming causes us to forget our true purpose in life. In reality, our positions can change our conditions. We are fearfully and wonderfully made ( Psalm 139:14). We should change our mindsets about being a survivor (outliving a situation) and learn to become more than conquerors in every situation.

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