Chrisnatha Derosier


Author and Public Speaker

Chrisnatha Derosier, an author, motivational speaker and certified life coach. She is also an official member of the Forbes Coaching Council as one of their premier life coaches and leaders, in her community. She is the founder of the I am a Masterpiece (IAAM) movement.

She is funky, soft and just plain fabulous! She has captivated audiences at both Florida Gulf Coast and Nova University, Named the Urban League of Broward County’s”Success Story”, Chrisnatha is making her mark in her community as well as in the world at large. She has been seen on Lee Pitts Live , Tropik TV  and also featured  in Bronze Magazine, Today’s Innovative Women Magazine and radio shows such as naked Truth. Love/Hate Relationship Show ,Soul Topics, Love 101, MIA- Live net, Positive Teen Talk and Joyful Living for Women.  Chrisnatha was nominated as one of the many women leaders who are making an impact in the lives of woman across this country by the United States of Women hosted by the United States of America White House.

Chrisnatha once struggled with her self-image and low self-esteem. Since then, she sees herself through the eyes of the King and helps other women to see themselves through God’s eyes. She overcame that struggle and vowed to always inspire and uplift other women to love themselves.

This is where her organization was birthed. I am a Masterpiece (IAAM) is a movement designed to help other women discover the Masterpiece within. We want women everywhere to love themselves and accept who God created them to be. She assists women go from confusion to clarity by helping them get to the core of who they are and to live everyday operating in their purpose. She does this through her group and one-on-one life coaching program.

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