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billy thompson. 1jpgPastor Billy Thompson (Former NBA Player)

with Los Angeles Lakers is a two time NBA World Champion. He is going talk about not giving up on your dreams and how to believe in yourself and rise up again. He will also address how to take good and bad situations and/or things and use them to build yourself up. He will tell you how to learn from your disappointments and overcome them as you turn it around and make your success story. Pastor Billy Thompson is “America’s Champion for Change.”  He is called to proclaim the life changing power of the word of God to the nations.  His mandate is to bring the body of Christ together as one Bride prepared to meet her Groom Jesus Christ. He presently serves as Chaplain, spiritual guide and intercessor for the Miami Heat in its quest of more NBA Championships. Pastor Billy has been a frequent guest and host on the national Trinity Broadcast Network and local “Praise the Lord” TV programs in South Florida. Pastor Billy Thompson is a profound revelator and teacher whose heart is to see believers fulfill their purpose and to live life to their maximum potential. Pastor Thompson was presented a Key to the City of Boca Raton by the Mayor Steven Abrahms. He also has received a proclamation from U.S. Representative Alcee Hastings and a designation of September 14, 2001 as Billy S. Thompson Day.  In addition to his service for the Miami Heat, he is also Chaplain for the City of Boca Raton Fire Department.  Join Us for this amazing cruise



Join Us For the Cruise in April 21, 2017


Join Dr. Danielle Spencer-David “Dee”, Pastor Billy S. Thompson (NBA Player-Lakers & Heat), Cynthia Thompson (Motivational Speaker) , Dr. Belinda John (Shulamite Woman’s magazine), and guests on a Stimulating Inspirational Cruise in Bermuda on

April 21, 2017

We will have seminars on

v  Relationship Building

v  Business Development

v  Transforming Dreams Into Reality

v  Exhilarating Motivation

v  Self-Improvement and Change



Do you know Stacey Blackward?

Stacey Blackward  of Fantasia Travels has been designated as a Cruise line International Association(CLIA) Cruise Counsellor after completing the organization’s Certification requirements (Stacey Blackward), is now recognized within the cruise industry as an  Accredited Cruise Counsellor,

Stacey Blackward has achieved Cruise Counsellar Certifcation through completion of a comprehensive program of a cruise sales training and product instruction, delivered through a combination of extensive classroom training and personal cruise experience. CLIA’S Certification program graduates are widely recognized as the foremost cruise vacation experts among American travel agents.

Fantasia Travels is one of more than 16,000 North American travel Agency members of CLIA. According to CLIA statistics, the overwhelming majority of  travelers -about 90%- book their cruise through a travel agency and for good reason. -Travels agents understand  the products they recommend and excel in finding the perfect cruise to match their clients need life style and budget.

CLIA’s Certified Cruise Counsellors are the cruise industry’s premiere travel agents and will  arrange all of your vacation needs while providing the greatest service and value  for your vacation dollar.

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 Fantasia Travels Expressions

Dr. Danielle Spencer – David  will be a speaker on Fantasia Travels Expressions  Inspirational Cruise.  Dr. Danielle Spencer-David  recently,  became the first child star to be inducted into the Smithsonian Museum. She will be apart of the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, scheduled to open in 2015.


Fantasia Travels /Fantasia Travels Expressions Proudly Presents

Fantasia Travels Expressions  proudly  presents a  7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise Seminar” featuring two strong and  powerful survivors – actress Dr. Danielle  Spencer –David better known to many of us as “Dee” from the ABC’s  hit show  “What’s  Happening!” and Author LJ Thomas.  What better way to hear and see through the eyes of (2) successful women who have overcome and survived many tragedies such as a near fatal car crash to surviving and persevering through a chronic disease.

Book your tickets through Fantasia Travels to be inspired by the words of wisdom and gain strength in the knowledge from the speaking’s of Dr. Danielle Spencer-David and Author LJ Thomas.  Come and be inspired all the while enjoying the wonderful amenities the cruise ship “The Independence of the Seas” has to offer exclusively through Fantasia Travels/ Fantasia Travels Expressions.

“The Independence of the Seas” offers amazing on board innovations such as pool side outdoor movie screen, spa, pools, whirlpools, solarium, state-of-the art  fitness center offering classes of yoga and tai chi, library, medi-spa acupuncture etc. the list of entertainment possibilities is vast! You can definitely do as much or little as your heart desires.



Fantasia Travels/ Fantasia Travels Expressions invites you to an exclusive offer found nowhere else!  Secure your seat today with just a $250pp deposit before time runs out!  This invitation is only offered through our Agency for limited time only!  You wouldn’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to be empowered, inspired, renewed and refreshed all the while relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Jamaica or the crystal clear water in Cozumel.  Rest assured you will not be disappointed!



Approaching Empowerment

Friend 2 – Have you seen all the commercials and stories in the news about domestic  violence. Do you know what it is ? I want to make sure I find out.

Friend 1– He Knows better than to put his hands on me! He knows I don’t play like that.

Friend2– Okay, but everything else is okay right?

Friend 1- Yeah, basically, Sometime, he’s stringy with the money, And  sometimes he loses his mind and yells at me or calls me something other than my name. But, that happens in relationships, right? We’re cool. Besides, he loves e so much that he’s always  texting or calling to find out where I am. he’s so paranoid about me being with someone else that he forgets that I tell him everywhere I go and when I’m  coming back. Crazy man! But , I love him so much and I know he loves me, too.

Friend 2- I guess you have it under control, then. Well I’ll going on a a cruise and one of the authors is doing a seminar about this topic. Do you want to go as well? I can take a vacation and learn at the same time. I can’t think of a better way to kill two birds with one stone. let me know.

– LJ Thomas



Author JL King

Check out Author JL King’s new  release with Brown Girl Publishing, Full Circle: Living. love. live. After the Down Low, will cover the span of ten years his first blockbuster release, On the Down Low which sparked controversy an heated debates nationwide. In his book,  he tells the parts of the story that hasn’t  been told , and will  explore the  impact  that his work has had on relationships as well as the type of  challenges he has encountered on a personal and professional  level. Join Author JL King  on the cruise. Meet and Greet, Photo opportunity.



Fantasia Travels Expressions

Fantasia Travels Expressions is holding a seminar at sea which will feature prominent authors who will share their experiences and knowledge with you. It will be a Five Night Western Caribbean Cruise Seminar which will provide you with the opportunity to learn , travels and enjoy exotic locations at same time. The seminar will feature prominent New York Times Best Seller Author JL King .Other speakers include Chrisnatha Derosier, Carla Howard Daniels aka Suga Brown .This is going to be one of those once in a lifetime experiences which you cannot afford to miss There are various reasons why you should come and support these authors.

  •  It is going to be a great learning experience for you. The speakers here will reveal the secrets of their success and share their experiences and knowledge with you .
  • Come and meet Author JL King in person and you can learn a lot from him on how to make writing your profession. He will reveal his secrets on how to  become a prominent writer and write and publish the books  which can earn money for  you.
  • Author Chrisnatha  Derosier wrote the book on How to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime . Come and join  her let’ talk about different relationship issues.
  • Carla Howard – Daniels aka Suga Brown will enlighten us on the subject a book and how to become a writer in our busy and hectic routine.
  • This Five day experience will help  you in expanding your social circle and is a great  networking opportunity for you. You will meet amazing  new  people from different parts of the country you exchange ideas and thoughts with . There are going to be some amazing people around you and it will be a memorable experience  for you.
  • It’s something you should look forward too. There will be some amazing books, journals , CDs and souvenirs personally and souvenirs personally signing  by the authors.
  • Traveling is always a thrilling experience . This 5 Night Western Caribbean Cruise trip will be one  of the most exciting  and enjoyable  experiences you’ve  ever had  your time at sea and the stops at exotic locations will be quite pleasant and delightful.

There are a lot of reasons you should join us for this marvelous learning  and traveling experience. You should come and support the speakers with your presence. You can gain a lot of knowledge from them and  exchange ideas with them. This can be a life changing experience  for you where you can learn and enjoy a lot at the same time .



Author Carla Howard- Daniels

Announce: that she is the new host  of the Suga Brown Poetry open mic night at Un Mundo Café , on November 15, 2013. – Author Carla Howard- Daniels

Author Chrisnatha Derosier

Author Chrisnatha Derosier credits her time with BYC for inspiring her current career as a motivational speaker and author. As a result of her proven success at spreading positivity and making an impact on teenager’s lives,  Author Chrisnatha Derosier  was asked to serve as the Keynote Speaker at the Coalition’s annual Leadership Training Institute. Her message was about how important the teenage years are in forming who a person will become as an adult. If you stay strong, lean on your friends and resist the urges of peer pressure, alcohol and drug use, you are setting yourself up for a successful life. -Author Chrisnatha Derosier



Author JL King

As an author we write best when we are alert. I might be up all night writing. I’m writing 3 books. And a stage play. I also.have my 2 books that in have to finish for my publisher. Author JL King


Make It Last Forever

Do you allow yourself to be pulled in too many different directions? Are you a Jack of all trades and master of none? If you want to be in a long-term, committed Relationship, there must be focus in your life. What do you want to do? How do you plan to make that happen? Put an action plan in place. The amount of focus you apply to your life should be the same amount of focus that you will grant your relationship. – Author Chrisnatha Derosier-